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3.5 Hour Pizza & Co. Food Tour of Naples (

Discover the taste of Naples including pasta and pizza with this 3.5-Hour Pizza & Co. Food Tour of Naples

Visiting Naples? Discover the best food experience on this food tour by locals.

  • Enjoy 5 food stops in Naples
  • Be introduced to Neapolitan food traditions
  • Learn the history behind the specialties

One cannot enjoy Naples without having tried its Pizza. Everybody knows it, everybody eats it everywhere in the world, and yet the original pizza is from Naples and so can only be eaten here.

On this Pizza & Co. Tour, you will enjoy the most loved variations of the pizza in the stunning beauty of the historical city center in addition to the well-known Neapolitan omelets, a fabulous dessert and, of course, an espresso coffee.

The best dishes will always be chosen, aiming to introduce you to the traditions, suggest the best restaurants and make you live the best culinary experience ever. Make your visit to Naples an unforgettable experience of eating Italy’s best preparations.

Taste some of the following specialties on this Pizza & Co. Food Tour in Naples (according to products availability): handmade Neapolitan tarallo, fried pizza, pasta omelet, pizza marinara or margherita, snowflake and caffè espresso. The Neapolitan tarallo represents the most traditional street food in Naples. A salty and crumbly biscuit with a dash of black pepper, almonds and lard, the latter being the basic ingredient capable of granting the unique taste.

Fried pizza is also known as the “people’s pizza” because it used to be sold on the streets by women in the aftermath of WW II to supplement wages. It is often presented filled with tomato, ricotta and provola (traditional Italian cheeses). The tour will unveil to you the most typical ones, in the oldest chip shops known only by the locals of Naples.

Pasta omelet is a fried pasta known as ‘frittata ‘e maccarune’ and a must try of Neapolitan traditions. Simple in preparation yet unbelievable in taste, you will definitively love it. Pizza marinara or margherita is the true traditional pizza which alone is worth a visit to Naples.

Then get ready to enjoy one of the best dessert you have ever tried called snowflake. Its recipe is strictly a secret and you will not believe your mouth when you try it. The best coffee in Italy is in Naples.

Try a caffè espresso in the most historical bar in Naples, considered gourmet all over the world.

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